On sunday I started doing some groundwork with Stuart, a 4 year old I’m hoping to compete this year. He was backed last summer & let off for the rest of the year, so we’ve just brought him back in now to start his proper training.

I was just working on the basics – lunging him & getting him to go forward nicely. I like to get horses going well from the ground before expecting them to do too much when ridden. I figure once they know what their supposed to do by themselves it’ll be easier for them to do it with a rider on board.

Anyway, I was getting a little bored with the lunging so to give us both a break I decided to try him over a wee cross pole, just to see what he’d do. So put up a small (about 50cm) cross pole, gave him a good look at it then tried loose jumping him over it. First time he was very wary but jumped it (cleared it by about 4 foot), next time he jumped it nicely, again going very high over it. After a few more huge jumps over it I decided to put it up a bit just to see how he’d get on – not a bother to him, he was all for it, happily jumping about 1m. Tried to get a photo of it, but only had the phone, so the pictures aren’t great – he was pretty much over the fence by the time it took the pic. But I was pretty happy with how he went anyway.


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