Last weekend we headed off to the Riding Club Masters Qualifiers. Wasn’t 100% sure what it involved but figured as long as it involved jumping some fences we coudn’t go too far wrong.

It was a lovely bright sunny day, but very breezy, which caused a few problems as there was sand blowing everywhere from the arena surface..

There was 21 horses in my class & I was 2nd last to go which suited me nicely as it meant I could watch some of the others jumping before going to tack up & get ready. The wind was proving to be a real problem as it had got stronger & had started blowing down the fillers plus the horses weren’t very impressed with the clouds of sand blowing into their faces.

The wind had Tizzy really on her toes & she was rearing to go when we got in the ring, so much so that as we came to the first fence, instead of putting in the short stride I was holding back for she just launched herself at the fence from a mile off, causing me to throw her the reins to avoid jabbing her in the mouth, landed holding them by the buckle, but managed to get them tidied up before fence 2 & after that we flew around for a clear round.

There were 9 of us through to the jump off & I got a lovely draw of 7th which meant I could watch some of the others before I went in. The time seemed to be about 45 seconds, with 3 clear in or around that time then the 5th girl went in & flew around in 37.79 seconds (she made a very tight turn inside fence 9 after jumping 1 to get to 3), I figured that she had it in the bag & my very supportive OH turned & said to me “I don’t think that time will be beaten”. I decided to give it a go anyway & set out hell for leather, she put in another huge jump over fence 1 which meant I didn’t get the turn inside 9, so I figured I might as well kick on & see if I could manage 2nd. Tizzy was in flying form & we got some great turns in over the rest of the course so I was confident that we might manage to hang on to 2nd place only then I heard my friends cheering and discovered my time was 35.24, thrilled was an understatement, the guy that went after me was clear in 44.38 for 3rd place and the last girl to go didn’t come close to the time either so we won. Delighted wasn’t the word!


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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