Last Saturday there was a mini-show and ride-out in a local village, so myself & 2 friends decided to go as it sounded like a bit of fun. The show was quite bizzare, with no actual classes as such, they had I think 6 sections, but the judges just walked around through the horses as we were getting ready to head out on the ride-out and picked their winners. The ride-out was good fun, there were about 30 horses in total and there was the option to go on a long or short ride, short ride was mainly walk with little bit of trotting for the beginners, nervous riders or people with young or unfit horses. The longer ride was about 90mins, mostly trotting with some walking & a little bit of cantering. The majority of the group opted for the longer ride, although in my opinion there were about 3 or 4 of them who’d have been better suited to the shorter ride.


The ride was mainly along some quiet country lanes, with one section off road along some farm tracks where we got to canter, and was fairly uneventful apart from a small child getting upset his pony was going too fast at one point & another lady’s horse tanking off with her but he stopped once he got to the front of the ride.


Myself & my friend P were a bit worried at the start that our horses wouldn’t be fit enough for the long ride, but our other friend G talked us into going anyway. We had nothing to worry about – Tizzy flew around in a brisk trot the whole way & was mad to gallop when we were cantering. We spent the whole ride next to the lead rider.


A lady came over to talk to us after the ride & was admiring Tizzy and was totally horrified when I mentioned she was 17 – she thought she was about 5!

Once we got back from the ride they announced the winners of the show & we had quite a productive day. Myself & Tizzy won ‘Best Turned Out’, G won ‘Best Hunter Type’ & P won ‘Best Gypsy Cob’ with his horse Nell.




Afterwards we headed into the pub for some refreshments. I hadn’t realised how hungry I was untill I tucked into the complimentary soup & sandwiches – definately most welcome.

A great day was had by all and it was nice to have a non-competitive horsey weekend for a change. Next weekend we’re heading to a show on the beach which should be fun!


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