Headed off in high winds on Sunday morning to go to yet another show, my father thought I was crazy even contemplating heading off as the forecast wasn’t looking too good for the day, with rain promsed in the afternoon. Anyway off we went regardless.

I’d been feeling a bit under the weather during the week, with a bad cold so Tizzy hadn’t been ridden since the monday!

Arrived at the showgrounds in plenty of time & had a wander around, entered and looked at a few rounds of jumping, dressage tests etc. The wind was pretty strong at this stage & was blowing some of the fences down, although it didn’t seem to deter people judging by the amount of competitors.

Anyway, it was eventually time for our class, so had a quick walk of the course and as there were 25 competitors I waited to watch the first few jumping before heading back to the box to get Tizzy tacked up & ready.


Once I had her tacked I hopped up & headed to the warm up – to say she was on her toes was an understatement, obviously not helped by the wind & the fact she hadn’t been ridden in almost a week!

When we got back to the warm up there were still quite a few people to go before us so we stood & watched a few more people jump before warming up. Strangely when Tizzy is a bit worked up she settles a lot quicker either standing still or walking slowly, if you try & ‘burn off’ the excess energy she just tends to get more worked up, so she was nice & chilled when we started our warm up.  We have our warm up routine downto a T at this stage – we start when there’s 3 horses before us much to the horror of some stewards & are good to go when we’re called. Sunday’s call-up steward was amazed at our super quick warm-up & doubly amazed when we came back out with a clear round 🙂

There were 10 horses through to the jump off & we had a pretty good draw of 6th – the target seemed to be about 32 seconds, then the girl who was 4th brought it down to 30, myself & Tizzy went in and had a lovely spin round, hit every turn perfect to finish in 28.78, the last girl to go is a friend of mine & in our club,but is very, very competitive & has a fab horse and she went all out, I was sure she had at least a second off our time as she seemed to be flying, but she finished in 29.02 which left us the winners with her a very close 2nd. We won a voucher for a tack shop who happened to have a stall at the show so I very quickly went & traded my voucher for a lovely stud kit, as I’d lost all my studs from when I used to ride before.

Was very pleased with our performance.

Here we are waiting to go in to the jump-off


And collecting our prize



About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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