Been very busy the past few months so haven’t had a chance to do any blogging. So here’s a quick update of hat we’ve been up to during the summer.

On June 8th we headed down to Stradbally, Co. Laois for the Riding Club Festival we arrived on the friday afternoon to get settled in & ready for 2 days of competition. Myself & Tizzy had 2 jumping competitions each day, one individual & one team. It was our first time show-jumping on grass in about 9 years, so was a big chance from the sand arenas we’ve gotten used to jumping in. Had a pole down in my first individual class so wasn’t placed, then went on to jump a clear round in the first round of the team class, which was the RDS wildcard qualifier but had a pole down in my 2nd round. We still had the best score on our team as none of us were used to jumping on grass and the team ended up finishing 3rd as we were equal on faults but slightly slower on time than the 2nd placed team.

On the sunday the Team competition (Intermediate Teams) was first and we had 2 lovely clear rounds in that, as did the rest of the team. In fact we were the only team to finish on 0 faults so won that class easily. My individual class on sunday was power & speed but in the speed part I took a turn too sharp & missed the fence so had to double back to it, getting myself 4 faults, but was still fast enough to secure 10th place as one of the fastest 4 faulters.


Winning the Intermediate Team Class.

Then a month later I decided to take Stuart to his 1st show, he didn’t win anything as we just took part in the Dressage to get him used to being out & about, but he behaved very well & I was delighted with him.


Stuart at his 1st ever Show

I also had Tizzy at the same show & even though I managed to break the noseband of the bridle the night before, we managed to come 5th in our Dressage class beating some good riders. Was thrilled as it was my first time getting a prize for Dressage & considering neither myself or Tizzy particularly like it we done good. Image

With our 5th prize, our first Dressage Ribbon!

The following week I headed to the National Show Jumping Championships with Tizzy. Our first class there was a qualifier for the Championship class & we jumped a nice double clear to qualify for the final. Next up was the Derby, our first time ever attempting one & we had another lovely double clear to finish 3rd. Then it was time for the Championship final at which stage the 4am start was starting to take its toll on both myself & Tizzy but we managed another double clear to finish 3rd again, so we had a very good day!



Some pics of us in the Derby.

The following weekend seen me taking Stuart to his show-jumping Debut. He had 4 faults in his first round, but a lovely clear second round to see him taking 3rd place. Was very happy with him.


Safely over the first


Proudly showing off his first ribbon – 3rd place!

Had Tizzy at the same show & she came 3rd in her class too after having a pole down in the jump off.


Need to stop sticking my toes out!


Collecting our 3rd prize.

After that we had a break from shows for a few weeks so they got some time out in the field relaxing


Stuart went for his first hack in the woods & had a great time.


Tomorrow we’re heading to some Hunter Trials which will be Stuarts first time XC so we’ll see how that goes, but so far we’re having a very enjoyable summer!


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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  1. Wow! Very busy! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Good luck with the XC!

  2. sailormads says:

    Tizzy is gorgeous! How does the derby differ from normal showjumping? 🙂 x

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