Last Sunday I brought the two beasts to a Hunter Trials in Shore Fam, to give them a spin Cross Country before our Riding Club  Cross Jump on the 9th. It was my (& Tizzy’s) 2nd ever HT’s and Stuarts 1st time XC. Nothing like the blind leading the blind!
Had planned on doing the Open with Tizzy, but my friend’s horse is a bit of a brat and she was looking for somebody to do novice pairs with to give her a lead, so I did that with her instead. Tizzy flew around, but my friends horse  put in a few stops even with us giving them a lead! Then Tizzy the wagon put in a stop at the water, which is totally out of character for her, but I think it was just pure annoyance at all the stopping & starting.


Here we are in the pairs.

And a link to one of the professional photos of us  

Thought about also doing the pairs with Stuart, but there was nobody I knew there with a horse that I’d trust not to stop, so decided to give the singles a go – figured the worst that could happen was I’d fall off. We had a few stops, which wasn’t surprising considering he’d never seen an xc fence before, but once he got to have a look at them he sailed over them! The only real problem we had was the water, which I was kind of expecting as he hates getting his feet wet, but we waited for the guy coming behind us & he gave us a lead through it so all was well. Was delighted with him & the fact we managed to get around the course.

And some links to the professional pics

Popping a log, going down the bank, another one on the bank & getting a lead through the water!


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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