Still a little behind with my posts, but getting there slowly!

Last weekend saw myself and Stuart taking part in The TREK – Fundraising Rideout for Rehab, which is basically an annual horse ride through the Union woods in County Sligo. As a member of the Riding Club I got asked to be a mounted Steward on the day, to help keep the group together & under control.

The morning of the ride was nice & sunny as I got the horses ready to go, I was also taking Tizzy along for my friend G to ride, so was up bright & early to get them both ready. Registration for the ride was at 11am with the ride itself due to start at 12, so once we registered we had some tea & biscuits as myself & the other Stewards waited for our briefing on what we were to do. Myself & T from our Riding Club were to be the last riders, to make sure nobody got left behind & to let the ride leaders know if the pace was too fast or too slow.

There was a great turnout of horses & spirits were high as we left the car park & headed down the road towards the woods.

 In the car-park getting ready to head off!

Time to head off!

Myself & T bringing up the rear!

And off we go!

As there was a huge variation in ages and riding abilities on the ride, we were sticking to walk & trot all the way for safety, with a few stops along the way to allow us to regroup & get refreshments.

Tizzy & G along the roadside heading to the woods.

The weather was lovely & warm and the ride was very enjoyable, Stuart was on his best behaviour and didn’t put a foot wrong all day!

The rear of the ride heading into the woods!

Having a break for a few minutes, not sure why I’m pulling such a weird face!

And some more pictures of us meandering on the edge of the woods!

We returned from the ride at about 3.30pm and after putting the horses away we headed back into the Rehab centre for refreshments, which were delicious & much appreciated. They also held a raffle where I won a bottle of wine, so I was delighted with my day, although my legs knew all about it on Sunday!

Its lovely to have a nice non-competitive day out every so often and it done Stuart the world of good to get out in a crowd like that at a sensible speed. Looking forward to next year already!


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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