Well, last weekend we had a very busy two days,on the Saturday I took Stuart to a TREC training day & on Sunday I took both Stuart & Tizzy to Cross Jump.

Well Saturday started out with the sun shining brightly, so I got myself & Stuart organised to head off. I was meeting with 2 friends on the way & travelling up with one of them so we wouldn’t have to take 3 vehicles. Our lesson was in the afternoon, after the Barbecue, so we timed our arrival perfectly – the last lesson before the BBQ was just finishing up as we arrived and we were just in time to tuck into delicious burgers and sausages!

After we had all eaten, we headed off to get tacked up & ready for our lesson. Myself & F were n the same lesson, but M & her horse Bobby were in the following lesson.

There were 5 of us in our group, all of a similar riding standard, but Stuart was the only 4yo in the group. We started with PTV & then went on to do CoP when we had finished our PTV lesson.

Our TREC training group.

After introducing ourselves & our horses we had a quick warm-up and then had a go at the Slalom, which is basically 6 poles in a line which you  have to weave between at either walk, trot or canter much like bending poles in mounted games, but without touching or missing any of the poles or changing pace. We started off in walk & worked our way up through the paces.

Having a go at the Slalom.

Once we had all mastered the Slalom we moved on to try a bit of jumping over a log & once we had all mastered that we tried what is known as a Path Crossing, which is a combination of two fences to be jumped, our fences were both logs but it can be any combination of fences except a Ditch to a Ditch.

Popping over a log.

Next we decided to try a Ditch, Stuart was very wary of this at first but once he had a look he was happy enough to jump it a few times.

The Ditch.

Then we calmed things down again with the Ridden Corridor which involves riding through a narrow (0.5m – 0.7m depending on level) corridor without touching the bars while keeping to the initially chosen gait. Again we started in walk & worked our way up through the paces.

Waiting to have a go at the ‘Riden Corridor’

Then it was onto the Ridden Footbridge, which has to be negotiated in Walk , and just involves riding onto, across & off a footbridge at walk. We all did this a few times, but there were no problems at all.

Then it was time to try the Ridden Step-Up & Drop, there were 3 steps to choose from, so we started with the lowest one and worked our way up through the different heights.

The Ridden Drop

And finally we tried the Bank, we started out walking up & down it, then progressed to trot & canter. Again you have to stay in the same pace until you have completed the obstacle & any breaks are penalised. We found it much easier to canter it!

Negotiating the Bank

Then it was time to move on to the CoP this involved riding a 50m corridor firstly in the slowest canter you can & then back in your fastest walk without breaking pace. For competition the corridor can be up to 150m & you must stay inside the corridor.

It was a very enjoyable day & great experience for Stuart.

Then Sunday it was time for Cross Jump, the weather was a bit wet and miserable, nothing like the lovely sunshine of Saturday, but not too bad either. First up was the Pairs class which I was taking Stuart in along with my friend A & her horse Comet.  Stuart had a slight wobble at a cottage, but ut from that had a lovely round and we ended up finishing 3rd, so was delighted!

Then it was time for the Individual class, as I had Stuart still tacked up I went in with him first and had a lovely round, we knocked one fence in the show-jumping section, but he was perfect for the XC so was thrilled.

Then I took Tizzy in the Individual & had a lovely clear round – she flew around, but was a little too fast, so we ended up with time penalties for being under the optimum time. When the results were announced I’d finished 3rd again on Stuart & 5th on Tizzy, so had a very good day.

Waiting in the rain, ready to head off. With Z on Pedro & M on Bobby.


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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