Last weekend was the Riding Club Allianz Masters Competition in Mullingar. I had qualified Tizzy earlier in the year & although not 100% sure what I was letting myself in for, I entered and hoped for the best!

There were 3 classes in each grade you could enter a Welcome Stakes, a Table C Speed & a Grand Prix and then the horse & rider with the most points after the 3 events was the overall winner. You could enter as many of the 3 classes as you wanted, but you had to enter the Grand Prix, the other 2 were optional. I had entered all 3, but decided that if things weren’t going to plan I could always pull out.

Anyway, we headed off bright & early sunday morning in the pouring rain and it was still pouring when we got to Mullingar, but thankfully it had stopped before we had to jump in our 1st class, the Welcome Stakes. Tizzy was fantastic, she jumped brilliantly & even though I didn’t push her too much in the jump-off we still managed to win so I was totally delghted! It also meant that I was top of the leader board for a while!

Speed class didn’t go quite so well – totally my own fault, she was going really well, but I turned her into one fence far too tight & she stopped & I turned her into it a bit quick again and we had a pole down, bad riding on my part pure & simple. But we had still gone quick enough to finish somewhere in the middle of the class, so still managed to collect a few points, which left us in 3rd place on the leader board.

Then in the Grand Prix she jumped a lovely clear round (1st clear of the class) & another clear in the jump-off, which we led until the 2nd last horse went in so we ended up coming 2nd in that which added nicely to our points total.

Once all the classes were over they announced the overall winners & I was quite shocked to discover I’d won the Intermediate section. Talk about the icing on the cake, I was thrilled. Delighted with Tizzy, she was brilliant couldn’t have asked for more from her!

Delighted after Winning the Welcome Stakes! Not sure what messing I was at with my jacket.

Our prizes!

Borrowed this from The 3 overall winners collecting their prizes. L – R: Me, the Advanced Intermediate Winner, The Open Winner & the AIRC Chairman


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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