To follow on from the Grooming Kit post, and after reading a forum post on the subject over on Haynet I thought I’d add one on First Aid Kits too.

I have quite the collection of First Aid Kits, I have my main one in the yard, 2 in the jeep, one in my tack locker for when we’re travelling away to shows for a few days, one for taking with me on long hacks & rideouts…..the list goes on…

But I’m not going to get into the entire collection, I’ll just show you my main kit & the one I take with me when I ride.

First Aid Kit

First up is my main First Aid Kit, I keep it all in a nice big tool-box, there was too much crap in the picture to label everything but it contains:

5ltr Liquid Paraffin

1ltr Hibitane Concentrate

1ltr Hibiscrub

1ltr Povodine Iodine Scrub

Spray bottle of Surgical Spirits

500ml Hydrogen Peroxide

Botanica Wash

Botanica Cream

Multiderm Wound Spray

Cyclo Spray (Blue Spray)

Frontline Spray (I spray it on ticks)

Latex Gloves


Silage Tape & Duct Tape (for holding on bandages/poultices)


Packet of Swabs

Selection of syringes in various sizes

Round ended scissors


2 Stainless Steel Bowls (for soaking poultices, diluting scrub solutions etc.)

Vetwrap in various sizes

Conforming Bandages in various sizes

Bandage Padding in various sizes

Melolin & various other Wound Dressings

Band-Aids & Steri-Strips

Some Rolls of Tape

Alcohol Wipes & Alcohol-Free Wipes



And missing from the picture are Cotton Wool & a Stethoscope.

Sometimes I have various other bits & pieces in there as well, like heat pads & cool packs and other stuff I pick up or think may be useful, and I must get myself another bottle of saline solution to put in there but that’s pretty much the contents of my main First Aid Kit.

And here is the First aid Kit I take with me when I’m riding.

Riding First Aid Kit

It contains:

1 – Handy Pouch with Velcro straps on the back to attach it to the saddle/your leg etc.

2 – Propax Dressing

3 & 7 – Melolin/Non-stick Dressings

4 – Alcohol-Free Wipes

5 – Chlorhexidine Wash

6 – Conforming Bandage

8 – Round Ended Scissors

9 – Latex Gloves

10 – Band-Aids

11- Alcohol Wipes

12 – Roll of Tape

13 – Vetwrap

14 – Stick-On Wound Dressing

15 – Sterile Swabs

16 – Foil Blanket

17 – Saline Solution

18 – Antiseptic Cream

19 – Safety Pins

20 – Burn Dressing

So now that you’ve seen what I keep in my First Aid Kit, please feel free to tell me what’s in yours. Or is there anything I haven’t got in there that you think I need?


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

4 responses »

  1. sailormads says:

    Glad my forum post inspired a blog! :L

    • evilauthor says:

      That’s a LOT of stuff! 🙂
      Mine isn’t anywhere near that sophisticated. But I just topped up my blue nitrile unpowdered gloves. I prefer those, as they are sturdier than most latex ones.

  2. Gosh. Other than the odd bottle of good ol’ Hibi and some cotton wool ‘mI ashamed to admit I don’t have a first aid kit. 😦 For 5 years I’ve never needed one – I dont think Crunchie has ever had a scratch that needed treating, luckily. However, wish I had one following our latest saga!

  3. Tullavilla says:

    I am a complete freak when it comes to stuff like that….have to be prepared for all eventualities. Thankfully I’ve mainly used stuff on other people & their animals. My own creatures tend to be relatively injury free *touch wood* most of the time 🙂

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