For the past couple of months we’ve been away competing pretty much every weekend, so have lots of catching up to do.

April 21st we were at a Jumping & Dressage show in Duffys Equestrian Centre, Claregalway which was organised by Castlecarraig RC, it was a horrible day with torrential rain but enjoyable all the same. I only had Stuart with me & the Dressage thankfully was indoor, he went ok, not spectacular but alright & we ended up with a score of around 64% so was happy with that.

Jumping was outdoor however & the rain had resulted in huge puddles all over the jumping arena which Stu wasn’t impressed by, he jumped well though & we finished up 5th, so was delighted.

Collecting our rosette in the wet!

Collecting our rosette in the wet!

Next up was the Masters Qualifiers hosted by our own club on May 5th in Tubberbride RC, took both Stuart & Tizzy to that. Tizzy wasn’t long back in work & not near fit, but she finished a respectable 5th & secured her spot in the Masters Final in September. Stu knocked a pole in the jump-off so wasn’t placed.

Next up was the 2nd leg of a 4-leg mini league on May 12th, we missed the 1st leg in Ballinasloe, but the 2nd leg was organised by Bridge RC in Athlone, the weather was horrible again, but both horses jumped well & had double clears Tizzy finished 2nd, but Stu was a little slow against the clock so didn’t make it into the ribbons.

The 3rd leg of the league was organised by Dalysgrove RC in Creagh Equestrian Centre on May 19th, the weather was lovely for a change but I ended up with 4 faults with both horses in the Intermediate so was out of the ribbons. We made up for it in the pairs though when myself & Tizzy paired up with my friend D & her horse Maisie and won!

Next up was the Western Region Team Qualifiers for the RDS on May 26th, this was hosted by our own Club in Tubberbride RC & I was jumping Tizzy on our clubs 2nd team. There were 26 teams on 4 riders taking part so it was a long day, but after a nail biting jump-off our team won & we qualified for Dublin!


Our winning team, myself & Tizzy are 2nd from left

Team Parade

Team Parade, myself and Tizzy are on the right!

Then on June 2nd we had the Beach Show held by Donegal Gaeltacht RC in Falcarragh, Co. Donegal.  Just took Tizzy to this one as my OH took his horse to ride on the beach. We traveled up the day before, rode on the beach on the saturday evening, headed out on saturday night then went to the show on sunday. It was great fun having a show on the beach, the sand was a perfect jumping surface! Myself & Tizzy won the Intermediate class, so was happy out! Apologies for the state of me in the pis, I managed to lose a button off my jacket somewhere along the way!

Then on the 8th & 9th of June was the biggest event of the year – The Riding Club Festival, a 2 day extravaganza of Jumping, Dressage & Showing. Took the 2 with me to this, so had a pretty hectic weekend, but loved every minute of it! It was a glorious weekend with the sun shining non-stop the entire time, if anything it was a little hot to be competing, but the judges allowed us to jump without our jackets so that was something!

Done showing, Prix Caprilli & Jumping with Stuart and while he went well he wasn’t in the ribbons, but was delighted with him as it was his first big show and he took it all in his stride.

Tizzy was 7th in the Intermediate Power & Speed after a slip coming into on of the fences in the speed section cost us a few seconds, she went down on her knees about a stride out from the fence, scrambled up & jumped it on the buckle as I tried to gather myself together. The ground was unbelievably hard & very very slippy, I think it was a case of the ground being so hard the studs weren’t cutting in as much as they should. We also came 2nd in the Intermediate Team Competition.

On June 15th there was a Mini-Show & Rideout in the next village, I took Stuart & my OH took Gordon for the experience, he didn’t even bother turning either of them out properly I was disgusted, I like to make a bit of an effort to be turned out properly. Anyway off we went and it was a case of organised chaos, the show was held in a carpark & instead of having all the classes separate they just had everybody in together & picked the winners of each section. I won best turned out horse with Stuart and OH got 2nd in the spotted section, then once all the prizes were presented we headed off on the ride-out which was very enjoyable, then back to the local pub where there were plenty of refreshments for everybody.

The following day was the Final of the Show Jumping Mini-League, I just took Tizzy to this & we came 3rd in the Intermediate Class, which seen us finish 2nd in the league and we also came 3rd in the pairs jumping class where we paired up with a nice man from another club.

Then last weekend, we headed to a Dressage Show at the local Equestrian Centre, I took the 2 of them as it was nice and near. Stuart did a fairly good test although I felt he could have gone better & Tizzy did ok for Tizzy although she spent most of the test looking around to see where the fences were, in her mind plaits equal jumping not poncing about doing Dressage. Anyway when I got my score sheets Tizzy had got 64% & Stu had got 66%, I was thrilled as it was far better than I expected and our best scores yet. And it meant that I came 3rd with Stu & 4th with Tizzy out of 9 starters! For somebody who doesn’t really do Dressage I was quite chuffed with myself & my 2 brats!

So thats the past couple of months in a nutshell, hoping to go to a Derby show next weekend, but theres also Hunter Trials which are looking appealing so who knows!


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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  1. magreenlee says:

    Hi Edz nice to see you back again 🙂

  2. Aoife says:

    Love catching up with all your outings & great to see all the photos. You’ll want to be careful when jumping (first pics) or you’ll lose your tongue! :p
    Can’t wait for next round of updates, with loads more photos please! Love seeing Tizzy & Stu and hearing all about what ye be getting up to!

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