Day 5 – Your first fall

My first fall as far as I can remember was off Dobbin when I was about 4, the details are a bit fuzzy as it was a long time ago, but I remember my cousin was leading me through the fields & being a little brat at the time I decided I wanted to go by myself, so he let go of the reins & let me walk by myself as he knew Dobbin would just follow him anyway & it made me feel all important. Of course it made me a bit too cocky & I decided walking was boring & I wanted to gallop so I decided to give him a kick & shake the reins at him while shouting ‘giddy up’ which of course caught both the cousin & poor Dobbin unawares, so poor Dobbin gave a little hop & I fell off and of course started bawling my eyes out, little brat that I was so the poor cousin was left to catch the pony and to try & shut me up, I’m pretty sure catching the pony was the easier of the two!



About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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