Day 14 – Your dream barn/farm

Not that I’m fussy or anything, but if money was no object I’d go all out with a nice yard. Firstly I’d have a huge American Barn with nice stable fronts inside, something like these:

And on the outside each stable would open out to a small turnout area so the horses could go out if they wanted to.

Then I’d have a nice indoor school to ride in when the weather wasn’t great, which is most of the time around here!

An outdoor arena/menage for when the weather is nice

I would also have a round pen for lunging etc

A covered horse walker for when I couldn’t ride

A wash bay & solarium with non-slip rubber floors

An all-weather gallop/canter track so the horses can let off steam all year round.
VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

A cross country course with lots of jumps of various heights & a water complex

And of course a nice set of show jumps, with a huge variety of fillers

Not forgetting some nicely fenced paddocks for grazing

A neat & tidy tack room with a kitchen area & comfy seats for when you want to chill out with a cuppa for 10 minutes and a washing machine & drier for washing sweaty numnahs, bandages, rugs etc and of course an equally tidy feed room, with vermin proof bins.

And of course lots of pretty horses to put in my lovely stables & paddocks!
Lets hope I win the lottery one of these days!


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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  1. Covers all bases & is sooo pretty!

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