Day 29 – A style/trend in tack etc that you don’t like

I’m not a huge fan of the current trend in show jumping of combining a Grackle Noseband with a Dutch Gag, its all well and good if you need it to control a horse that can get a bit strong while jumping, but a lot of people just have them because it looks cool. I know one particular girl whose horse was going perfectly well in an Eggbutt Snaffle & plain Cavesson but she had to go and buy a Grackle & Dutch Gag purely because she thought it looked cool, that to me is just stupid, but who am I to judge I guess. It’s not for me though!


About Tullavilla

A long time horse owner returning to riding after an 8 year break. Currently back competing at Riding Club level in Show Jumping & occasionally Dressage.

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